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The Boss

There's always a fight for the prime locations in Brighton! The iconic remains of The West Pier sit in the background.


The bright joyous song of the Robin welcomes in the Spring.

Switch Back

Late afternoon low tide reflections on Lancing beach.



I love the seedheads of honesty more than the flowers themselves. Their transparency and textures are so delicate.

Positively Prehistoric

Swans are such magnificent creatures. I love how the textures here are reminiscent of a reptiles skin.

Gimme Shelter

Strangers sharing the warmth of the setting sun's rays on Hove seafront.


Admiring The View

A riverside companion on my walk along The Adur. Stonechats are forever one step ahead of you!


The low evening light on this Dogwood bud brings to my mind an illuminated flickering candle.

Into The Unknown

Where all adventures begin. More low tide reflections on the south coast.


Pond Life

The ever shifting shapes as a Bulrush dispenses it's seeds to bring about new beginnings.


The beauty of raindrops...sitting like little jewels.


Harbourside reflections as the sun sets. 


It's All An Illusion

Things aren't always what they seem....

Alien Surf Invasion

Through the sea spray on the window of a grubby seaside café the world takes on a strange twist.....


The River Adur Ferry Bridge disappears into a sea mist...


The Wave

Abstract de-focused waves crashing into the groin on Worthing beach.


Nature is bold and beautiful as Spring approaches...


Into the forest... Autumn is an abundant time and everything is covered in moss. A magical time of year!


Best Foot Forward

High contrast pier reflections on the South Coast.

A Splash of Colour

I love the fluffy stems and buds and soft tones of this delicate flower

Sunset Selfies

The sun goes down on Brighton's Bandstand


Shoreham Power Station ... The Alternative View

The yachts' masts and smoking tower of the power station reflected in the still water of the harbour.

The Pale Pier

The sea mist was so heavy this morning that the old West Pier almost vanished from sight!

Rainbow Bokeh

Camping in the rain has it's moments of beauty...the tent top glistens after a torrential downpour..


Burning Bridges

Sundown On The Downs

Bamboo Bokeh