Being in nature, the best therapy in the world! Just to walk, sit and watch and listen; switching off to the demands of the world and steeping yourself in natural elements. Nature photography allows me to present natural aspects including landscapes, wildlife and plants and provides a medium for close-ups of natural scenes and textures. It also offers a way to express aesthetic and artistic images.

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The beauty of raindrops...sitting like little jewels.

Pond Life

The ever shifting shapes as a Bulrush dispenses it's seeds to bring about new beginnings.


The low evening light on this Dogwood bud brings to my mind an illuminated flickering candle.



The bright joyous song of the Robin welcomes in the Spring.



A Splash Of Colour

I love the fluffy stems and buds and soft tones of this delicate flower.


I love the seedbeds of honesty more than the flowers themselves. Their transparency and textures are so delicate.


It's All An Illusion

Things aren't always what they seem....

Admiring The View

A riverside companion on my walk along The Adur. Stonechats are forever one step ahead of you!



Nature is bold and beautiful as Spring approaches...


Bamboo Bokeh


Into the forest... Autumn is an abundant time and everything is covered in moss. A magical time of year!