There is something about monochrome photography that always draws me back time and time again. It’s a medium that adapts really well to all lighting situations, and  I love the subtlety of tones that black and white images can have. Black and White images can be strong, high contrast and powerful, or they can be so soft, gentle and subtle.  I love this medium because it offers a way to declutter the image and focuses the eye in on the detail within a shot. 

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I love the seedheads of honesty more than the flowers themselves. Their transparency and textures are so delicate.

Into The Unknown

Where all adventures begin. More low tide reflections on the south coast.

Positively Prehistoric

Swans are such magnificent creatures. I love how the textures here are reminiscent of a reptiles skin.



The beauty of raindrops...sitting like little jewels.


Late afternoon low tide reflections on Lancing beach.

Best Foot Forward

High contrast pier reflections on the South Coast.


Alien Surf Invasion

Through the sea spray on the window of a grubby seaside cafe the world takes on a strange twist.....

The Pale Pier

The seamiest was so heavy this morning that the old West Pier almost vanished from sight!