Birds and Animals

I believe that when we immerse ourselves in nature the process allows us to reconnect to aesthetic beauty.. We reconnect to our beginnings, our fundamental experience of what life means.  Any time spent encountering special moments of oneness with the planet, birds, animals, all living creatures and all that is around us is undoubtedly time well spent and is  good for the soul.  As a photographer, I feel the privilege of representing some of these unique and fleeting moments when I capture images of  birds and  animals.

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The Boss

There's always a fight for the prime locations in Brighton! The iconic remains of The West Pier sit in the background.


The bright joyous song of the Robin welcomes in the Spring.


Switch Back

Late afternoon low tide reflections on Lancing beach.


Admiring The View

A riverside companion on my walk along The Adur. Stonechats are forever one step ahead of you!

Positively Prehistoric

Swans are such magnificent creatures. I love how the textures here are reminiscent of a reptiles skin.